Our Team

We live the work we lead; we love the work we do

Personally, we don't stay static, nor does National Institute of Nurturing, Training and Habit. It keeps changing, evolving and developing just like people do. Ten years ago someone asked us how we saw National Institute of Nurturing, Training and Habit's future, and we said, "We'll keep doing this till it isn't fun anymore. Then we'll do something different."

What keeps it fun is the relationships we have with our clients, our colleagues and our work. We have a commitment to innovation and to 'moving the furniture' every six months to keep things fresh. We don't accept failure; we keep looking for other ways to do things. We like overturning the status quo so we can see what's on the other side.

We're quirky, creative, accessible, unpredictable, adventurous and dead serious about giving our clients the absolute best professional personal development programmes they can get.

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