Who we are?

NINTH (National Institute of Nurturing, Training and Habit) established in 2016 as a support services provider. Our focus began in the personal, social & corporate sector, providing support services to all individuals as well as organization. These services include; wellness seminars and workshops, counselling services for employees, family relationship building, support and consultation services to Human Resource departments, managers and supervisors, which covered a wide range of issues, particularly those relating to employee & personal performance in the workplace and in their daily lives.

Over the course of time, we have expanded our service offering to our corporate clients in addition to what we offer individuals, families and the community. These services include mediation and conflict resolution, facilitation, learning and development and learning support.


Our goal is to provide unique solutions for individuals, families, corporations and the community, enabling people of all ages to live, work and learn to their fullest potential.

Guiding Principles


Understanding the feelings people have when they are required to raise their game, when they experience change or when they need to be more effective, motivated and enthusiastic


Behaviour change is hard at the best of times, so we encourage change that’s doable and compatible with each person’s individuality. We avoid any attempt at wholesale personality transplants


Making the smallest change for the biggest NINTH. Sustainable and relevant behavior change will only work if it isn’t hard to do and has a big pay off – anything else is a waste of time and money


Having fun. We believe that people more easily take on new behaviors and thinking in an environment that is enjoyable and light-hearted, so that the serious stuff is much easier to deal with.

Well Founded Believes

Something else that sets us apart from just about every other training company/organization/institute are the facts our consultants & facilitators can do it all. We have group of dedicated people, all of them are Training Consultants in the business. They get involved in all aspects of the organization’s work, from marketing to developing the work itself and of course to delivering it.

We have a multi-talented Home Team which keeps the institute’s engine running and is equally important in developing the company.
Our work has been delivered to the Private Sector, the Public Sector and individuals who want to develop their skills and become better at what they do.

We don’t rest too much on our laurels either. As the world changes and training requirements evolves, so does our work. Professional Personal Development is re-designed each and every day to meet the needs of all the individuals who take part in NINTH’s programs.

What makes us special?

So what makes National Institute of Nurturing, Training and Habit different from all the rest?

This is one of the best questions we are ever asked by potential clients. It gets right to the point and tells us that we are dealing with someone who know their way round the clock and isn’t easily impressed. That’s just how we are too. The ordinary, the “run of the mill” and the predictable just don’t do it for us and, frankly, we prefer clients who feel that way too.

Traditional training often tends to be about doing something over and over again until people learn it (such as computer training). What people are doing wrong is identified, and then they keep doing it until they get it right.

For computer training this is good. For people skills training this can undermine the very confidence it is trying to build.

NINTH’s people skills, or soft skills ‘training’ seeks to develop the individual by offering options, choices, changes in perspective and attitude and an opportunity for the sort of ‘Aha!’ experience that allows people to develop quickly and radically.

Just to state the obvious: you can have the best systems, processes and measurements in place, but if people are not aligned, committed, on board and feeling confident and motivated, those systems simply won’t work. Just doing the job won’t make an exciting strategy work either. There needs to be something extra to develop peoples’ drive, dynamism and team spirit.

People must feel recognized for what they do. They also need to feel that they aren’t always to blame when things go wrong. Our personal development work will usually start with a look at what is already being done well so that people feel recognized and acknowledged for the work they do day in and day out. It creates enthusiasm for being part of a department that feels good about its output.

People have to feel able to put new behaviors into practice. If they feel they are being taught things they ‘ought’ to do, then the work will go no further than the room it’s done in. As soon as some kind of imperative is placed on the development (e.g. You must speak more slowly) it becomes a “training” and defeats the purpose of a personal development workshop. To develop better soft skills, people need to be able to identify the behaviors that work for them, what behaviors get in the way of their effectiveness and what else they could do instead.

If they are then allowed to develop their inherent skills as an individual, they will quickly get to a place where they will want to put them into practice. This is the underlying aim of all our work.

More than just training

We think the word ‘training’ is too restrictive. NINTH’s work is all about people interacting with other people, and as such is definitely more than just training – it’s personal.

Totally tailor-made

Whether it’s a presentation, a team working together, a manager dealing with staff, colleagues working on a project or a department handling customer complaints, our job is to get people to do it better.

What you can expect

The biggest payoff from our work is confidence. We’ll listen to what you need and want and we’ll create a programmer to provide it; we’re not runout of the mill; we’re really clear and we don’t use jargon; we’ll honor and respect your company’s values and ethos

Training Accreditation

We award every delegate who attends a NINTH course a Certificate of Achievement, acknowledge their participation in one of our exceptional programs.

Managing Change During

Nearly everything has changed over the last 3-4 Years and most organizations are struggling merely to cope with the new order.

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