Abdur Rehman

Mr. Abdur Rehman is a trainer, he has spoken on more than 100 platforms in 4 years of his journey, which starts from Karachi and then moved all over Pakistan. He initiated his own organization SkillDrills which is an event, training and consultancy company and provide chances to fresher for gaining experience through this platform, He is the Founder & President of Sehar commercial Community (SCC) which has put immense efforts in solving social and community problems of the area, he is also appointed as a sports and events head in Learn to Learn Academy, which encourage their students enthusiastically engage in learning activities, along with all these. He is also working in Helping Hands Trust as Joint & General Secretary for development and betterment of youth. He is also a trainer at National Institute of Nurturing, Training and habit. In learn & earn course he gives training about Soft Skills.

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