NINTH works with companies of all sizes to meet business challenges.  We ignite workplace enthusiasm by developing your employees into more confident, empowered, inspired, and enthusiastic individuals.  Our one and two days workshop and training program give intensive support for your employee/ team instantly upgrading their skills sets..

Great leaders are individuals who are passionate about and confident in the work they do, and they inspire others to do so in the process. Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training vision extends from corporate training and team building, to improving the leadership qualities within each individual. Our Leadership Training courses are not one-size-fits all approach, and we’ll work with you or your company to provide custom training resources. In corporate communications sessions, students focus on the management, strategic planning, and implementation of marketing, communication, and public relations techniques all to resolve corporate dilemmas. Corporate communications courses can be found within bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in such majors as communications and public relations. The field may be offered as an area of emphasis or the primary area of study.

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